Express DSLR Workshop • $250
This workshop is done in a group setting and is a quick and easy way to instantly improve your camera skills. For two hours you will learn to understand your camera, perform all manual manipulations, learn the basics of portrait photography, and develop techniques on how to enhance picture taking. This workshop also includes a brief Photoshop tutorial, focusing on basic photo corrections and optimization, as well as details of how to secure a version of the software for continued use. Bring a friend discounts apply. Contact us for more information.

60-minute Lessons • $135
For a more detailed and personalized tutorial or to build a lesson plan based on your current skills, book us for one or more of our 60-minute sessions to optimize your skills and maximize your abilities. This option is fabulous for all aspiring photographers, with a specific focus per lesson, such as indoor/outdoor photography, lighting, composition, differing niche's, Photoshop, and marketing. A great way to develop one's personal style. Add a half-hour of joint shooting practice for an additional $35 per lesson.

Camera Rental • $15
This option is available for one-on-one 60-minute lessons only. Rental includes lesson access to one Canon Digital Rebel XTI, and a communication cable for image transfer to laptop after lesson. Bring your own compact flash card for a quicker and easier transfer and to maximize lesson time.